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Why No Climate Action? Follow The Money

06.27.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Kai Nagata

Big polluters donate big bucks to B.C. politicians Here’s a puzzle: Why is Enbridge, a Calgary-based pipeline operator, still donating money to politicians in B.C.? The company has given more than a quarter-million dollars so far, $248,535 to the BC Liberals and $9,800 to the NDP. Last year Enbridge wrote a dozen cheques to the […]

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BC Liberals take coal cash, too

05.27.16 | Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Arie Ross

The dirtiest form of finance and fossil fuels: coal BC Liberals take cash so wealthy stakeholders can secure a private audience with the Premier. Sleazy offshore investments are revealed by the Panama Papers. This is the world – or province – we’re living in. Noting these recent developments, I too (like my colleague Dave) wanted […]

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Surprise! B.C.’s deadbeat mining companies are huge political donors

05.26.16 | Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Taxpayers liable for $1.2 billion in cleanup costs as corporations cry poor I really should not have read the newspaper before breakfast this morning. Nothing curdles the milk in your Grapenuts like toxic corporate influence. Turns out B.C.’s Ministry of Energy and Mines has been allowing mining companies to skip out on paying for site […]

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Turning the pages of the Panama Papers

05.13.16 | Ban Big Money, News |  Dave Mills

You don’t have to dig very deep to find a link to B.C. politics The announcement of a new and massive ‘offshore entities’ data leak came a couple of months ago while Dogwood was planning its new ‘Ban Big Money’ campaign. I decided to keep an eye on the Panama Papers, and signed up for […]

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Clark says favouritism to donors ‘should be illegal’

05.12.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, News |  Lisa Sammartino

Let’s play a game. How many examples can you find? Guess who said this on CBC radio last weekend? “Here’s the problem that happens, that people should be concerned about. It’s when private donors give money to political parties, and then governments make decisions in favour of those private donors because they’ve given them money. […]

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Meet the trophy-hunting clowns who dictate wildlife policy in B.C.

04.29.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Kai Nagata

Afro wigs, bananas and big cheques for the politicians in the room It’s Spring, which means the usual passel of foreign executives, weird dentists, and professional sports players are flying around B.C. looking for grizzly bears to kill. Whatever you think of hunting for meat, the Spring grizzly hunt is different. Having emerged from hibernation, […]

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Who’s sick and tired of Big Money in Politics? Hint: Everyone

04.26.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Lisa Sammartino

Insights West poll finds overwhelming support for ban on corporate, union donations As long as deep-pocketed special interests from anywhere in the world can cut cheques to our politicians and sway government decisions, everyday British Columbians will face an uphill battle to be heard by our politicians. From oil tankers to U.S. thermal coal, old-growth […]

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Poll: British Columbians Ready to Take Big Money Out of Politics

04.25.16 | Ban Big Money, Media |  Dogwood

VANCOUVER – Voters in British Columbia believe corporations have outsized influence in determining government policy, thanks in part to unlimited political donations, a new poll by Insights West has found. The online survey of a representative province-wide sample was sponsored by Dogwood Initiative, a B.C. citizen group calling on the province to “Ban Big Money” […]

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