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More Kinder bucks for Christy Clark

01.17.17 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Let BC Vote |  Lisa Sammartino

Real-time disclosure reveals ongoing oil patch payments to BC Liberals Last week we added up the payout to Christy Clark and the BC Liberals from Kinder Morgan and friends, which greased the wheels for the province’s flip-flop on the dangerous oil tanker expansion project. We found that Kinder Morgan, its shippers and allied pipeline and […]

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718,918 reasons Christy Clark said ‘yes’ to Kinder Morgan

01.11.17 | Ban Big Money, Let BC Vote, Media |  Lisa Sammartino

Update: The amount included below was calculated with information available at the time. Here is an updated total, based on the BC Liberals  2016 donor records.   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 718,918 reasons Christy Clark said ‘yes’ to Kinder Morgan BC Liberals secure their ‘fair share’ of pipeline cash – in political donations VANCOUVER – After formally […]

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Like Trudeau, Premier Clark will approve Kinder Morgan. Here’s why.

12.15.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Lisa Sammartino

Industry backers have donated at least $720,000 to ensure Trans Mountain’s provincial approval. Last week Prime Minister Trudeau announced his approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion because, as he’d have us believe, “it meets the strictest of environment standards.” Trudeau directly addressed British Columbians with these words: “If I thought this project was unsafe […]

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Corporate cash addiction corrodes B.C. politics

11.28.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Election - BC 2017 |  Will Horter

The tide is turning against corporate money in politics. Yet BC Liberals, NDP keep cashing cheques. Would you pay $20,000 to eat rubbery chicken, drink a couple glasses of wine, shake some hands and listen to boring political speeches? No, probably not. How about $5,000 or $10,000 a table? Or $1,000, $1,500 or $2,500 a […]

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Take it from Hillary: money can’t buy everything

11.24.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Election - BC 2017, Strategy |  Lisa Sammartino

The American election turned political campaigning on its head. Canadian politicians better heed the lessons. There is a well known theory in political campaigning: The candidate who raises the most money and spends more is likely to win. This seems logical. Money can buy solutions to most campaign problems: a first time candidate can pay […]

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Christy Clark’s trumped up ‘feminism’

11.02.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary, Election - BC 2017 |  Lisa Sammartino

*Please note: The numbers below were based on the information available at that time. Since then, the BC Liberals have released their 2016 donor list, which include a contribution of $5000 from TA Management and $5000 from Holborn Holdings. Both cheques were written on May 5, 2016. This brings the total contributions from Trump Tower developers to […]

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B.C. Greens demonstrate leadership by banning corporate and union donations

09.28.16 | Ban Big Money, Election - BC 2017, Media |  Sophie Harrison

Decision increases pressure on BC Liberals and BC NDP to follow suit VICTORIA, B.C. — Dogwood is applauding today’s announcement by leader of the Green Party of British Columbia, Andrew Weaver, to abolish corporate and union donations for their party. With no legislation for political donations in B.C., the BC Green party is the first […]

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Climate leadership or climate corporatocracy?

08.24.16 | Ban Big Money, Commentary |  Lisa Sammartino

B.C.’s Climate Leadership Plan focuses less on change to our climate and more on change in the BC Liberal’s piggy bank.  Last Friday afternoon, in a remote warehouse in Richmond, Premier Christy Clark delivered the long-overdue B.C. Climate Leadership Plan. She was flanked by people in white coats and an electric car, which she plugged […]

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