Building Bridges in the Okanagan

The future of British Columbia depends on strong communities.

Historically, environmentalists, labour, community and First Nations activists have often worked towards similar objectives, but on parallel tracks. That is beginning to change.

A big step forward will occur on April 28th, 2004 in Vernon, BC, when the Okanagan Band holds their Public Information Forum at the Performing Arts Centre.

In an attempt to build support in the non-native community in the North Okanagan, the Okanagan Band will discuss their views on the past, the present and their plans for the future. This session is part of the Days of Action suggested by the growing Title & Rights Alliance.

Contrast the Okanagan Band’s attempts to reach out to local politicians, community and business leaders, with the heavy-handed dictates emanating from Victoria.

This is an important step towards developing a broad progressive coalition that supports Aboriginal Title & Rights and issues that affect the land.

Other First Nations are expected to follow the Okanagan Band’s lead in the coming months. This bodes well for the future of that region.

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