Beauty, Liberal style

Bill Bennet, MLA for East Kootenay, in Hansard, April 26, 2004:

“Some people hate the look of a clearcut, for example, and they don’t want clearcuts along highways and roads. I personally like the look of a clearcut.”

Imagine that, based on your tastes, your government were planning to clearcut all the forests from Squamish to Whistler in advance of the Olympics? What stunning imagery that denuded strip of Sea-to-Sky would present to the rest of the world in 2010!

Bennet is the same MLA who said on radio that he thought there was good support for coalbed methane development expressed by residents of Fernie – this after a town-hall meeting in which virtually every one of the 200 people present came out to criticize the government’s plans to expand coalbed methane exploration in the area.

Beauty and truth. Seems like these concepts may be a challenge for Mr. Bennet.

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