BC Sustainable Energy Association launch June 21

New Association Launches a Sustainable Energy Vision for BC

Currently when the wind blows in British Columbia, no wind turbines collect its energy. When the sun shines on homes and buildings, few solar panels or water heaters collect its heat. When the tides roll through B.C.’s coastal inlets, no tidal turbines capture their awesome power.

All this is about to change. The British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BC SEA) is being launched this week in Victoria, promoting much greater use of renewable energy in B.C.

“We see many jobs and business opportunities in renewable energy,” said BC SEA President Guy Dauncey. “We want to help the province become a world leader in the generation and use of sustainable energy, and to promote its use for electricity, transport, industry, and hydrogen.”

The BC SEA has hit the ground running, with nearly 100 members signed up. To become a member, click here.

PUBLIC LAUNCH: On Monday, June 21st, the BC SEA will be holding its Public Launch in Victoria. 7:30 pm, Queenswood/Arbutus room, Cadboro Commons, UVic. Click here for details!

BC-SEA website

Dogwood Initiative is proud to be a founding member of the BC-SEA, and encourages the rapid implementation of sustainable energy in British Columbia for a number of reasons:
+ Benign impacts on the land + Sustainable use of resources
+ Little disruption to legacy land uses
+ Local employment & economic benefits
+ Great opportunities for First Nations and communities to control projects

We wish BC-SEA all the best, for lands and people.

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