Today, First Nations from across BC launched lawsuits seeking judicial recognition of their Aboriginal Title.
First Nations are launching these court proceedings because of the lack of good faith negotiations that were supposed to follow as a result of the Delgamuuwkw victory in 199, according to Justa Monk, Title and Rights Alliance steering committee member.

“December 11th has special significance [to First Nations] because its the anniversary of Delgamuukw,” stated Monk. “…this is a formal reminder to the governments that our Title does exist and our resolve is now stronger that ever before. As the Title and Rights Alliance name suggests there is a movement in this province to build unity and seek a fair and just settlement to the land question”.

The Title and Rights Alliance is a newly formed province-wide initiative for unified collective action by BC First Nations on land and resource issues. Dogwood Initiative is providing startegic support to the alliance.