In response to the final argument submitted by the province of British Columbia this morning regarding Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project, Dogwood Initiative Executive Director Will Horter said:

“I think people on the coast and along the Fraser and Skeena rivers can breathe a sigh of relief. The government has now clearly said that it can’t support Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal as presented.”

“The government’s detailed submission clearly concludes that Enbridge hasn’t adequately addressed concerns about oil spills and therefore the project is not in B.C.’s interest. We agree: from the start, First Nations, local governments, British Columbians from many walks of life and political persuasions have argued Enbridge’s proposal is simply not worth the risk.”

“The fight’s not over. Our Prime Minister could still attempt to force this unwanted project on an unwilling province over B.C.’s objections, but I think many British Columbians would not take kindly to that.”

“Ottawa could still grant a certificate for Enbridge while relying on promises to make the project better after the review, but today B.C. has clearly said that a certificate should not be granted. Since the public process is now over, this would mean any changes Enbridge might make to their proposal would presumably be evaluated behind closed doors. After the backlash over the HST, we’re not expecting either Ottawa or Victoria to make backroom changes to their position on such a controversial proposal.”

“The Premier has made the right call today and we hope British Columbians can move on to assessing better, less risky proposals for economic development.”

Will Horter
Executive Director
Dogwood Initiative