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Jason Kenney’s Un-Canadian Witch Hunt

09.13.19 | Climate, Media, News |  Matt Takach

Alberta premier announces crackdown on climate groups In September 2019, oil evangelist Jason Kenney launched a witch hunt – complete with a snitch line, a bully pulpit and a taxpayer-funded public inquiry. Kenney isn’t targeting women suspected of using black magic, like the Puritans of the 1600s. Or supposed Cold War Communists like infamous U.S. […]

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Citizens Guide: Northwest Transmission Line

09.15.09 | Retired Campaigns |  Matt Takach

A major decision is now pending which could dramatically change the environmental, economic and social future of North-western British Columbia. The BC Government is proposing to extend BC Hydro’s electricity transmission line from Meziadin Junction to Bob Quinn Lake, with a potential plan to further extend the grid as far as Dease Lake. The Government […]

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Make History on May 12th!

05.05.09 | Democracy, Election - BC 2009 |  Matt Takach

BC voters have a chance to make history this election and help protect the environment by voting YES to BC-STV. We can make an historic change and adopt Canada’s first fair and proportional electoral system by voting yes in the provincial referendum. By voting yes you’ll ensure that your vote really counts and the issues […]

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How every vote is a vote for Harper

10.08.08 | Election - Canada 2008, Strategy |  Matt Takach

Our current electoral system is broken and needs fixing -the way in which this federal election is rolling out has confirmed this for most Canadians. Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about strategic voting: ‘a vote for the NDP is a vote for Harper’; ‘a vote for theLiberals is […]

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