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It’s time we got the meaningful, democratic process we deserve

10.22.14 | Actions, Beyond Coal, Commentary, Organizing |  Lyndsey Easton

Wendy lives in North Delta. She’s been there for nearly 30 years. Wendy’s husband Ted has asthma. Ted’s father and grandfather both died of emphysema, so he’s vigilant about keeping his lungs healthy. Wendy and Ted live less than 100 meters from the train tracks. Most residents in their neighbourhood are adamantly opposed to having […]

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‘We are so lucky to be able to do this in Canada!’

05.30.14 | Organizer Profiles, Organizing |  Lyndsey Easton

Tiffany Walsh worked as an organizer for the Sensible BC citizens’ initiative campaign and has been organizing with Dogwood for the past month. She’s a stay-at-home mom, she helps out in her daughter’s classroom and she volunteers for the school reading program – but it’s Tiffany’s basic sense of fairness that motivates her to organize […]

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Kai Nagata

03.10.14 | Staff profiles |  Lyndsey Easton

Kai Nagata – Energy and Democracy Director – ext. 32 A fourth-generation British Columbian, Kai’s roots are in the Shuswap, Gulf Islands, and Lower Mainland. His last name translates roughly to “everlasting rice paddy,” which was probably a lot to hope for in feudal Japan. In his spare time he enjoys archery, camping, fishing and […]

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The first steps of organizing

01.24.14 | Actions, No Tankers, Organizer Profiles, Organizing, Strategy |  Lyndsey Easton

If enough British Columbians pledge to sign up their friends, family and neighbours, it will be politically disastrous for Premier Clark if she does not stand up for B.C. against risky oil tanker proposals. That’s because together, we’ll have the people-power necessary to organize the hundreds of thousands of people across the province required to […]

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November 5 telephone town hall

11.07.13 | Beyond Coal, No Tankers, Strategy |  Lyndsey Easton

On Nov. 5 2013, Dogwood Initiative hosted a telephone town hall offering people the opportunity to hear updates from campaign directors as well as ask questions in a radio show style format. Executive Director Will Horter and Beyond Coal Campaign Director Laura Benson were on the call which was hosted by Organizing Director Celine Trojand. […]

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Couple asks wedding guests to donate to Dogwood

10.08.13 | Fundraising |  Lyndsey Easton

When Jennifer and Joel Harding started being asked what they’d like for their wedding this summer, they gave an unusual answer. “We just said that if you really want to give, to please donate to the Dogwood Initiative or the Raincoast Conservation Foundation,” Jennifer says. The couple, both PhD students studying salmon conservation at Simon […]

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Bringing British Columbians together one conversation at a time

08.23.13 | Organizer Profiles |  Lyndsey Easton

The movement to put British Columbians’ interests before corporate interests never rests and one-on-one conversations are its lifeblood. While many British Columbians were on vacation this summer, summer canvassers Arie Ross and Alain Ndayishimiye have been hard at work hitting the streets in a continued effort to protect our coast – funded by generous donations […]

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Blacklisted activist fights back with chilling censorship story

06.26.13 | No Tankers |  Lyndsey Easton

In 2011, Canadian author and artist Franke James found herself at the heart of a bizarre and alarming series of events when she discovered the federal government had mysteriously cut funding to her international art show with Croatian non-profit Nektarina. After filing a number of Access To Information and Privacy requests to find out what […]

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