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Organized people can beat big money

06.05.17 | Citizens' Initiative, Election - BC 2017, Organizing |  Laura Benson

We can win big — but only if we don’t let up now I’ve never felt more excited about the possibilities for a province where you lead and our politicians follow. If we canvass in our communities, meet with our new MLAs and ramp up pressure online, the new NDP-Green government will have the support […]

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2016 – Our Field of Stars

12.20.16 | Actions, Organizing |  Laura Benson

For this final Dogwood Organizing Newsletter in 2016, all you really need to know is in the stories and videos below. But here are a few highlights of what you did this year to make Dogwood stronger and better: Contributed to dozens of listening circles and came up with campaign ideas for Dogwood’s next 5-year […]

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Organizing is Always the Answer

11.22.16 | Organizing, Strategy |  Laura Benson

I was born and raised in Oregon. Aside from my kids and partner, all my family and most of my dearest friends are Americans who, unlike me, still live in the communities that have been riven by political and social divisions this year’s presidential election has wrought. On election night I feared for the safety […]

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Flexing grassroots muscle

09.29.16 | Organizing |  Laura Benson

Over the summer, our movement grew bigger, got stronger and flexed its grassroots muscle. Thanks to volunteer teams and Dogwood’s three summer students, more than 7,000 people signed petitions in their communities. Whether signing on to Let BC Vote on pipeline and tanker projects, Ban Big Money in politics or Defend our Farmland from fossil […]

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The long arm of a Chinese trade deal

08.31.16 | Commentary, Stand Up To China |  Laura Benson

Taking democracy for granted has consequences for all of us. China has been on my mind lately. The headlines about the Prime Minister’s first official visit to China ahead of the G20 summit in Hangzhou certainly has me concerned about how Chinese government officials could wield their negotiating power in ways that have complex, long-lasting […]

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Surprise! B.C.’s deadbeat mining companies are huge political donors

05.26.16 | Ban Big Money, Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Taxpayers liable for $1.2 billion in cleanup costs as corporations cry poor I really should not have read the newspaper before breakfast this morning. Nothing curdles the milk in your Grapenuts like toxic corporate influence. Turns out B.C.’s Ministry of Energy and Mines has been allowing mining companies to skip out on paying for site […]

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Renewed hope for Dogwood’s Beyond Coal team

11.04.15 | Beyond Coal, Commentary |  Laura Benson

Two post-election updates from members of our Beyond Coal team. Another bottle of champagne, please The weekend after the federal election the Ross family in Tsawwassen uncorked a bottle of champagne. That’s because on Oct. 19 – for the first time since the election of 1968 when the coal port was first built at Roberts […]

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You’ve been downgraded to letter-writer!

09.14.15 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, Organizing |  Laura Benson

Revitalizing democracy is hard. Sometimes it means making hard decisions where the correct path isn’t clear. I felt that when it came time to decide whether to submit comments to the National Energy Board (NEB) on the Kinder Morgan pipeline and oil tanker proposal. I was torn. Like my colleague Kai Nagata – and tens […]

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