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Small gifts go a long way

01.06.11 | Fundraising |  Kelsey Singbeil

Have you ever made a donation to an organization? Did it feel like you were taking a stance, making a choice, being an activist? Large numbers of people making small donations is a powerful way to fund organizations. It provides financial sustainability and builds a large supporter base that stands behind a mission. It shows […]

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The Pipedreams Project

08.05.10 | No Tankers |  Kelsey Singbeil

Guest Blog by Ryan Vande The movement to protect B.C.’s coast against the risk of an oil spill is gaining momentum; citizens from all walks of life are taking it upon themselves to bring attention to the issues surrounding Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline. The Pipedreams project is a group of  kayaking instructors from Ecomarine […]

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Access Denied: Abuses and Failures Under BC’s FOI Act

02.03.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Kelsey Singbeil

An excerpt from the submission made to the Third Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in Victoria, BC on February 3, 2010. Access Denied: Abuses and Failures Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act By Morgan Blakley Student – Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria […]

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Join Our Year End Fundraising Drive

12.10.09 | Retired Campaigns |  Kelsey Singbeil

Dogwood Initiative has a reputation for being small but fierce and for our bold and innovative campaigns, but it’s the people that stand with us that really makes it happen. Your financial support is a critical part of our success. In 2009 over 1500 people donated to Dogwood. Our supporters’ donations says they are committed […]

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Photos from the Douglas Channel

08.17.09 | General |  Kelsey Singbeil

  For photo captions, enter full screen mode (bottom left arrows) and click on the ‘Show info’ tab at the top right.

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Swimming together

08.13.09 | General |  Kelsey Singbeil

Every once in a while you get the chance to visit a place that moves you and changes you for the rest of your life; the Douglas Channel, Sacred Headwaters, Sombrio Beach. But part of this experience is sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone else, and quite often sharing the place with them. Ali […]

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We want to talk to you

07.16.09 | No Tankers |  Kelsey Singbeil

A key element of any grassroots organization is actually getting out and speaking with people about your work. Ah yes, the ancient practice of community outreach and tabling. Succinct, simple and straightforward.  All the words mean basically the same thing, but you probably wouldn’t use the former to speak to a five-year old child. This […]

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The meaning of the message

11.19.08 | No Tankers |  Kelsey Singbeil

When I think about the number of messages that my brain processes in one day, it’s a bit overwhelming.Research shows that the average person is bombarded with over 6000 distinct messages a day, and it seems like that number is increasing at an exponential rate. So what makes a messages tick? Why do I remember […]

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