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Is Clark trying to get to “yes”?

05.12.14 | Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Christy Clark has been saying it since July 2012: to win her support as Premier, any bitumen transport project to the B.C. coast would have to meet five key conditions. In the case of Enbridge Northern Gateway, three of those conditions are about to be checked off. The first, “successful completion of the environmental review […]

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Six Dogwood teams hit their targets

04.25.14 | Let BC Vote, Op-Ed, Organizing |  Kai Nagata

It’s working. Dogwood Initiative and its allies are building what is already the largest nonpartisan political organizing network in British Columbia. We’re conservative and liberal, urban and rural – but we share one thing in common: we’re not going to let the federal government shove unwanted bitumen pipelines through an unwilling province. With 68 teams […]

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Let BC Vote!

04.13.14 | Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

It was a battle between David and Goliath. Sure enough, David won. For weeks, a small troop of local volunteers from Douglas Channel Watch were knocking on doors and asking neighbours about their hopes and dreams for Kitimat. The group had $200 in the bank – just enough for some leaflets and handmade signs. Meanwhile, […]

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Too young to vote? Maybe not.

04.08.14 | Actions, Election - BC 2017, Elections |  Kai Nagata

How many times have you heard someone say that politicians are “acting like children”? It’s a tired old cliche and frankly, it’s insulting to children. I have the good fortune of leading workshops once in a while with high school students and I think politicians could take a few notes. The teenagers I know are […]

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Time for Clark to prove she calls the shots, not Enbridge

04.03.14 | No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

It’s neither fair nor accurate to accuse Premier Clark of being a former Enbridge lobbyist. Rather she became a “partner” at Burrard Communications several weeks after the lobbying firm finished working for Enbridge. Today, the message from the premier’s office is clear: Clark did not lobby for Enbridge. Yes, Clark was married to an Enbridge […]

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Let’s give Enbridge a judo lesson

03.27.14 | Actions, Commentary, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

Advance polls open in Kitimat next Wednesday, and Enbridge is doing everything it can to buy the vote. Our friends on the ground in the B.C. town of 9,000 say Enbridge has them under siege. The company is pouring unlimited money into ads and even flying salespeople in from Calgary to go door-to-door telling people […]

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Enbridge loses two key allies in two days

03.20.14 | Commentary, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

With Alison Redford gone and Joe Oliver shuffled off the pipeline file, the case is weakening for federal approval of the Northern Gateway proposal. Redford was the Premier of Alberta. Oliver was the federal Minister of Natural Resources. Both were key spokespeople for the controversial project, which would involve twin pipelines from the Alberta oil […]

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Meet Dogwood’s new Energy & Democracy Director

03.10.14 | Commentary, No Tankers |  Kai Nagata

My name is Kai Nagata and I’m proud to be joining Dogwood Initiative at their new headquarters in Victoria. I’m here because I share Dogwood’s core goal: for British Columbians to unlock their democratic power over decisions affecting our environment and economy. My job is to help tip the balance of power back to the […]

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