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We won! Lessons learned from the campaign trail

09.19.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Last week, after two years of controversy, an application to build nearly 300 houses along the Juan de Fuca trail was denied by the Capital Regional District (CRD) board. This historic decision came on the back of an unprecedented campaign involving thousands of people that culminated with three days of public hearings. The people spoke, […]

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We did it!

09.15.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

It’s been two years. Thousands of people have joined the campaign to stop urban sprawl in the Capital Regional District (CRD). Now it’s time for all of us to celebrate our recent success! Here’s a video of last week’s historic victory: People from all walks of life and all ages took the CRD to task […]

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Tip of the iceberg

08.16.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Ender Ilkay’s application to build nearly 300 vacation homes next to the Juan de Fuca trail is a blessing in disguise.  It’s not a blessing because it’s a good idea or a well-drafted proposal that will benefit our community.  It won’t protect the environment, promote sustainability, create affordable housing or accomplish any of our regional […]

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The New Battle for Vancouver Island

03.22.11 | Organizing, Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Vancouver Islanders have a long and proud history of standing up for our home. The struggle to save Clayoquot Sound captured national attention and spawned dozens of other initiatives to protect the environment and people who live here. The sublime beauty of this island has inspired thousands of everyday people to make heroic efforts in […]

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A Dangerous Precedent

01.14.11 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

In land use planning there is no such thing as a one time exception: every rezoning amendment and every extension of municipal services to a rural area sets a precedent. The recent decisions in Central Saanich to allow the Vantreight subdivision and Senanus waterline project set particularly significant precedents, because they directly undermined the CRD’s […]

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Moratorium Now

12.15.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Guest Blog By Saul Arbess What’s wrong with this picture? On Dec. 2nd, I attended a meeting on the proposed resort development on lands adjoining the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. The proposed resort, extending from China Beach, then sprawling 7 km west along the trail, calls for nearly 300 cabins, a lodge, and considerable […]

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Averting Crisis

11.18.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Think twenty years into the future and imagine the type of community you’d like to be living in… The Our Home is Not For Sale campaign asked that question to hundreds of people over the past year and their answers have been almost identical: People imagine a community with a stable economy, a secure source […]

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Whose Voice Counts?

10.14.10 | Retired Campaigns |  Gordon O'Connor

Municipal and regional governments are uniquely participatory structures.  Small constituencies and the proximity between elected officials and the public offers people a chance to have significant influence on the decision making process.  This reality, combined with efforts that local governments make to solicit participation gives credence to the adage that democracy belongs to those who […]

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