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Oil Interests vs. Our Interests Part II

11.25.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

Last Friday Enbridge announced they were expecting firm commitments from Chinese, Korean, or other oil companies for their Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project; and soon. NoTankers supporters set out to educate Alberta’s oil patch, sending over 12,000 individual letters since last Friday! Click here for the NEXT STEP We decided this  must mean that […]

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Shell Scratches Surface

11.25.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

The same year that Royal Dutch Shell’s Canadian subsidiary was forced to put their coalbed methane plans on hold in BC’s Sacred Headwaters region, the company was quietly laying the groundwork for a large coalbed methane project in northeast BC. In 2008 Shell signed a joint venture agreement with Canadian Spirit Resources, dumping $50 million […]

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Oil Interests vs. Our Interests

11.20.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

A Globe and Mail story this morning announced that Chinese, Korean, and other oil companies are close to signing commitments to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project. Said Bank of Montreal Chief Economist Sherry Cooper yesterday: “We must export oil to China…the sooner the better…For sure, the U.S. isn’t going to like it…Butthat’s good, because it gives […]

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Climate Action in Prince George

11.13.09 | General |  Eric Swanson

A growing, dedicated, and super creative bunch of folk up in middle B.C. are doing their best to make a difference on climate policy in this country. If you live in Prince George and are looking to meet up with people committed to fighting climate change, check out this amazing newsletter that pictorially summarizes some […]

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China Remains Gateway Wildcard

10.07.09 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Is China in or is China out? That has long been a hot question for those watching the progress, or lack thereof, on Enbridge’s ‘Northern Gateway’ pipeline and tanker project to BC’s coast. Especially since news reports surfaced in the summer of 2007 with headlines like “PetroChina Walks Away from Gateway” in which spokespeople for […]

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Whose Coast is it Anyway?

08.24.09 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Alberta’s Premier Ed Stelmach claims that when it comes to bringing more and bigger oil tankers to BC’s coast, the decision is industry’s to make. Mr. Stelmach and the rest of Canada’s oil lobby have been engaged in an effort to protect Alberta’s tar sands companies from proposed US climate policy. In doing so, they […]

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Cash Giveaway Sends Startling Message

07.09.09 | In Depth |  Eric Swanson

  SMITHERS (July 3, 2009) SkeenaWild Conservation Trust has devised an innovative poster to attract attention to its cause. The poster is entirely covered with removable $5 bills, beneath whichhides a startling message: If salmon disappear from the Skeena, so will$100 million from the local economy. It was unveiled on Smithers’ Main Street. And much […]

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Enbridge spending $100 million of Albertan, Asian money

07.07.09 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Enbridge Inc. is spending $100 million of other people’s money in their quest to sell British Columbians on the Northern Gateway oil pipeline and tanker project.The name tags, the logos, the websites and brochures say ‘Enbridge’. But they are 100% paid for by multinational oil interests, who are the real beating heart, the driving force, […]

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