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Questions Answered, Part 2

04.03.12 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

I understand a strong economy and the positive attributes that it brings to our society and social programs in terms of taxes. That being said, I really appreciate the insight on “Dutch Disease” and its economic trap as well as the point on protecting our national reserves here in Alberta. Which federal politician has a […]

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When Oil and Water Mix

03.16.12 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

The Macdonald Laurier Institute, a Canadian policy think tank, released a report today ominously titled “When Oil and Water Mix,” in which three essays essentially argue that oil tankers are safe, good for Canada, and shouldn’t be banned from our Pacific north coast. Dr. Philip John, the Marine Fleet Manager of the Woodward Group of […]

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Have an oil tanker or pipeline question? We’ll answer it.

02.01.12 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

  With Enbridge’s tanker and pipeline project to the West Coast being in the news so much lately, many Canadians are learning about the issue for the first time. There’s so much information floating around that it can be hard to make sense of it all, so we’re opening the floor to your questions. Just […]

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How increasing oil exports hurts the manufacturing sector

01.20.12 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

Retired Professor of Economics Reimar Kroecher recently wrote me this e-mail: If Enbridge gets permission to build its pipeline from the Tar Sands to Kitimat, and the volume of oil exported from Canada rises dramatically, there will be a substantial increase in the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar and other currencies.  In the […]

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Save the Fraser Declaration gets new signatories

12.05.11 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

On December 1, 2011, several new signatories were added to the Save the Fraser declaration, a formal declaration banning oil sands pipelines and supertankers through the traditional territories of more than 60 First Nations.  As a respectful witness, Dogwood’s Eric Swanson gives a brief recap of this historic event, an astounding success by the Yinka […]

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Keystone XL blocked, Gateway still against the wall

11.10.11 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

The U.S. State Department’s decision, supported by President Barack Obama, to send the Keystone XL pipeline back for further public review will have Canadian oil interests and commentators clamouring about how this means we really do need to send oil to Asia. But what more can the oil industry and Prime Minister Stephen Harper really […]

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Stepping up to the mic

10.14.11 | No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

The No Tankers network just helped sign up the largest group of people ever in Canadian history to speak at a pipeline hearing. Over the course of about 30 days, over 4,000 people registered to make oral statements to the Enbridge Joint Review Panel. Our ‘Mob the Mic’ action accounted for about 1,600 of those! […]

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Today is the last day to register to speak at Enbridge hearings

09.20.11 | Actions, No Tankers |  Eric Swanson

So far, 1,440 people on 243 teams have signed up as part of our Mob the Mic action to make official statements of opposition to the review panel looking at Enbridge’s oil pipeline and supertanker proposal to B.C.’s coast. Amazing! Today is the last day to register. Take a look at the team totals below. […]

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