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Activists Release Chickens in MLA’s Office

03.23.10 | Media |  Dogwood

  (Victoria) Three years after the provincial governmenteffectively privatized 28,000 of forest lands west of Victoria the problem camehome to roost for MLA Ida Chong. Student activists released half a dozenchickens into Chong’s constituency office as part of a community rallyprotesting the minister’s failure to address the problem her governmentcreated. “Ida Chong helped create a […]

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Keystone Approved, Opposition to Enbridge Grows

03.11.10 | Media |  Dogwood

Earlier today Canada’s National Energy Board approved TransCanada’s ‘Keystone XL’ pipeline linking Alberta’s tar sands to Texas. Meanwhile, hundreds of Canadians pledged personal actions to stop a competing pipeline by Enbridge Inc. that would link the tar sands to Asia via British Columbia’s coast.  From 10:45 am to 3:45 pm Pacific Time, 240 Canadians sent […]

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Royal Bank Told to Get Out of the Tar Sands

03.03.10 | Media |  Dogwood

Victoria residents gathered outside of Royal Bank of Canada’s Victoria headquarters today to tell the bank to ‘Get Out of the Tar Sands’. The action was one of several occuring across Canada, and coincided with RBC’s annual shareholder meeting that was held earlier today in Toronto. “RBC clients and individual shareholders might be interested to […]

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Polar Bears take Back Toonie

02.18.10 | Media |  Dogwood

With record temperatures threatening the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, an unexpected team from the north is using the Canadian $2 coin to help Save Winter. Meet Team Polar Bear, a family of three furry giants, who are decaling Canadian coins to raise awareness about Canada’s contribution to Global Warming and the threat it poses to […]

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Freedom of Information Act Under Fire

02.04.10 | Media |  Dogwood

Victoria, BC – Failure to comply with its own access to information rules is undermining the BC’s Governments claims of transparency and accountability according to a report by Dogwood Initiative and the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Clinic. “It’s a nightmare,” says Dogwood Initiative’s Eric Swanson, referringto the process of obtaining information via the Act. […]

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Major Pipeline Spill ‘Another Warning’ Say Environmentalists

01.14.10 | Media |  Dogwood

Media Release A major oil pipeline spill has joined a recent spate of shipping accidents as “yet another warning about the consequences of shipping oil to and from BC’s coast,” says a BC based watchdog group. On January 10th an estimated 3000 barrels (47,700 litres) spilled from a ruptured Enbridge pipeline in North Dakota that […]

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Oil Tanker project has a Terms of Reference, but faces stiff opposition

12.04.09 | Media |  Dogwood

In response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency releasing the Terms of Reference for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline and tanker project to BC’s Coast, Eric Swanson of Dogwood Initiative has this to say: “This process never asks British Columbians if we even want to accept the risk of an Exxon Valdez-sized […]

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Lost in Transmission

09.16.09 | Media |  Dogwood

The Prime Minister’s announcement today of funding for the Northwest Transmission Line (“NTL”) in British Columbia was disingenuous. Contrary to the PM’s statements, the NTL will primarily serve the mining industry and lead to a massive increase in energy consumption in Northern BC. “This transmission line is about electrifying coal and metal mines mines more […]

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