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Bait and switch

01.23.07 | In Depth |  admin

Dirty dealings on the coalbed methane fields of Telkwa For a brief moment the community of Telkwa thought it had reason to celebrate. In the face of rising opposition from the community Outrider Energy, a Calgary-based energy company, announced that it was withdrawing from its plans to develop coalbed methane in the Bulkley Valley. The […]

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Salvaging the integrity of our land and communities

01.18.07 | Retired Campaigns |  admin

It was recently pointed out to me that my days as a student have subtly morphed into that of “working class hero”. Life choices combined with a need for money have pushed me towards tree planting. My relationship to this identity has changed with time, specifically regarding ethics – a progression from the romantic ideal […]

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Who is the real Terminator

01.09.07 | In Depth |  admin

Will Stephen Harper follow Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lead and transform himself from a Terminator whose actions threaten the world’s future to one that works to save it? As Schwarzenegger’s roles have progressed from T1 to T2 to Governor of California, we’ve seen him change from a mechanized assassin to humanities protector, and now, to one of […]

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Telkwa on the front line

12.11.06 | In Depth |  admin

The new front line for coalbed methane in British Columbia is the quiet village of Telkwa, located in the Bulkley Valley just south of Smithers. There, the BC government and Outrider Energy, an upstart Calgary company, have clashed with a concerned residents group over a proposed coalbed methane field just outside the Village limits. “When […]

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Filming & Fighting for the Cathedral

11.30.06 | In Depth |  admin

Richard Boyce is a freelance documentary filmmaker living just outside of Parksville on Vancouver Island. After completing a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in film production, he has begun to use film as a tool to create social, political, and environmental change. He has worked on numerous projects dedicated to protecting the last pristine rainforests on […]

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Enbridge – Government cheerleaders back a losing team

11.28.06 | In Depth |  admin

Watching the Grey Cup, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the sideline cheerleaders and the BC and Canadian government’s efforts to wave pom-poms for oil and gas corporations. Like scantily clad pom-pom girls braving the cold with smiles chiseled into their faces, our elected governments continued cheerleading of massive fossil fuel projects is […]

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The Waters of Telkwa

11.27.06 | In Depth |  admin

Jim Simonelli talks about the threat to the life blood of his community. When Jim Simonelli opens his door and looks out over the Telkwa River he sees an area of pristine natural beauty. Jim is surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges and a myriad of lakes and streams. As a fishing guide, Jim earns much […]

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What we do

11.24.06 | In Depth |  admin

What is Dogwood Initiative? Answering that question is one of the challenges we face. We don’t “sound-bite” well. When I was a volunteer I joined some lengthy discussions about how to get our message across succinctly. We eventually got it down to one paragraph. It starts like this: “Dogwood Initiative helps British Columbians exercise local […]

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