Alternative energy in 2005 budget

Are the Liberals serious about alternative energy in their Throne Speech promises about an Alternative Energy and Power Task Force?

You be the judge:

In the Budget, Alternative Energy is allocated $1.3 million in 2005/06 and is resourced with 12 full time equivalents (FTEs).

Compare that to the government’s true priorities their fossil fuel agenda: Oil and gas gets $11.9 million and 79 FTEs; Offshore oil and gas gets $5.5 million and 12 FTEs.

(By comparison, Mining gets $13.3 million and 111 FTEs.)

So, the clear answer is Alternative Energy is an election token. Something the government can point at to say they’re doing something, when in fact the real action is happening in fossil fuels.

It’s this way through the rest of the Ministry of Energy and Mines estimates and plan.

It reads just as it really is – light on substance, and insincere in intent. If government spent as much promoting potential alternative energy projects, as it does promoting the oil and gas sector, it would be reflected in the budget.

And it would make a profound difference on the land and in rural communities.

There’s an election underway in BC, folks, and this Budget is smoke and mirrors to make us forget the Liberals’ real legacy as an enemy of the environment and rural communities.

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