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Thanks For a Great Year

12.20.16 | Actions, Commentary, Organizing |  Charles Campbell

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Meet Matthew Fitzpatrick

11.22.16 | Organizer Profiles |  Charles Campbell

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Meet Francois Brassard

10.03.16 | Organizer Profiles, Organizing |  Charles Campbell

“It was like a happening.” Esquimalt Team Leader, Francois Brassard tells us how organizing with Dogwood has made a difference in his life and in his community. You can make a difference too! Sign up now to join a Dogwood team.

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Why is Kim Baird on the cover of Alberta Oil magazine?

09.06.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote |  Charles Campbell

Back in June, shortly before the Harper-appointed National Energy Board gave a thumbs-up to Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker proposal, the Liberals announced the creation of a new review panel tasked with “restoring public trust in Canada’s environmental and regulatory processes.” Barely two months later, the panel has failed spectacularly. Not only has the slapdash process […]

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Who’s listening? Speaking to the most powerful people in the room

08.25.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers, Organizing |  Charles Campbell

Kinder Morgan Panel offered us an opportunity to vent but not be heard. Were our efforts in vain? I had a dream last night about the Kinder Morgan panel. I was on a large parade ground and an officer leaned into my jeep and demanded that I testify on corexit – the chemical dispersant used […]

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Kinder Morgan Shambles On Thanks To Zombie NEB

01.12.16 | Commentary, Let BC Vote, No Tankers |  Charles Campbell

Around the Dogwood water cooler, we call the NEB a branch of the Zombie Harper Government (ZHG). That’s because Conservative appointees will be running the show until 2020. The ZHG equals the same industry insiders and Conservative donors leading the same flawed process; a regulator not only captured by industry, but given its marching orders […]

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The Ghost of Government Past

12.19.15 | Commentary, No Tankers |  Charles Campbell

Christmas came early this year. It’s been incredible to witness the change that has come over Canada since the federal election. Government scientists are speaking out. Canada took a leading role in climate negotiations. The new government is acknowledging the need for real public engagement, science-based decision making and respect for Indigenous rights. When we […]

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