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Five ways B.C. eats its young

09.19.18 | General | 

Our system was built for boomers. They will fight to preserve it. My parents are 62 and 64. I love them. But sometimes I resent their generation. Baby boomers love to talk about how hard they worked to get where they are today. How they “scrimped and saved.” How they made good choices. The reality […]

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One simple way to make politics suck less

09.19.18 | General | 

Elect women. Especially young women. Look at these people:   To me, apart from Christy Clark, they all look like my dad and three of my uncles. None of B.C.’s former premiers look like me, and I’m going to guess they don’t look like you. Call it another form of manspreading. When it comes to […]

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Where are all the women?

09.13.18 | Commentary, Democracy, Proportional Representation | 

There is one simple way to make politics better: elect more women. Look at these people: To me, with the exception of Christy Clark, B.C.’s former premiers all look the same. None of them look like me — they don’t reflect more than half of B.C.’s population. Not enough has changed since the “founding fathers.” […]

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