Hey Trudeau: Stop giving our tax dollars to Big Oil!

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Wilkinson and Minister Freeland,
We are in a climate emergency. As a basic first step, your government needs to stop giving public money to the coal, oil and gas companies fuelling the crisis.
I expect you to keep your promise and eliminate all fossil fuel subsidies.

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No more handouts for Big Oil billionaires!

While everyday people struggle to get by, Canadian politicians give billions of dollars in handouts and tax breaks to oil, coal and gas companies each year. Our precious public resources should be making people’s lives better and tackling the climate crisis, not lining the pockets of CEOs.

Justin Trudeau promised to end fossil fuel subsidies, but billions of taxpayer dollars are still flowing to the industry.

We need to stop pouring gas on the fire. In a climate crisis, it’s wrong to give a single dollar of public money to the fossil fuel companies most responsible for the problem.

Tell Trudeau to keep his promise — stop giving your tax dollars to the richest companies on Earth.