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Feeling a vague sense of dread about the federal election? You’re not alone! Under our voting system, local people have almost no say in who forms government.

But media and political parties hype up the national campaign – the leaders’ debates, the national polls, the big TV ads. This fall we're saying: it's okay to tune most of that out. The important thing to know is who’s running in your local riding. That’s where you have some level of control.

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Canadians can’t vote for a Prime Minister. Instead we choose local Members of Parliament to represent us in Ottawa. If we elect a diverse mix of MPs – and hold them accountable after the election – we can start to tackle the major challenges facing our country.

Get to know the people running in your community. One of them will be your Member of Parliament after October 21. Which person do you want representing you?

Search to find candidates in your local riding:

Or, browse all candidates in BC.

How did your neighbours vote?

Past Election Results

Every riding is different. This map displays detailed election results from 2008, 2011 and 2015, down to the neighbourhood level. You can see who ran for which party – and where their support came from around the riding.

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