Liberals promised to end the free ride for US thermal coal exports. Make sure they deliver.

Call Surrey-White Rock’s
MLA Tracy Redies Now

First Elected: 2017
Next Scheduled Election: 2021

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter
Constituency Office Phone Number:
 (604) 542-3930

Support a levy on US thermal coal in BC

CALLER:  Hi, this is ________, a constituent of Tracy Redies in Surrey-White Rock. I’m calling to strongly support your party’s campaign position on US coal trains in our community. Can you tell me whether Tracy Redies still supports a levy on US thermal coal shipped through BC?

STAFFER: Thanks for letting us know what you care about. We’ll get back to you. 

CALLER: Okay. I want Tracy to know that I’m upset that American coal companies are shipping their dangerous product through our community without paying for the health and environmental damage they cause. Domestic coal trains have to pay for some of the costs to our health and environment through a similar fee, so it’s unfair to local industry. Will Tracy work to make foreign coal companies pay their fair share?

STAFFER: This is a new government. We’ll have to see what their priorities are.

CALLER: This is a priority for me and my family. Studies show coal dust from trains and storage  is very bad for our health, particularly with higher infant mortality rates. There is no reason to delay. Will Tracy work with other Liberal MLAs to make this a priority for the new government?

STAFFER: Possibly. We care about public health. I’ll pass along your comments.

CALLER: Please do. And please take down my info. I’ll be watching this closely and hope I can get an update from you soon. Thank you.

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