End the free ride for dirty U.S. thermal coal

Our government must protect the health and safety of our communities.

It’s time to end the free ride for dirty U.S. thermal coal.

During the 2017 provincial election, then-Premier Christy Clark finally bowed to our pressure and announced a plan to ban US thermal coal export via BC.

The BC Liberal proposal to implement a levy on coal exports would ensure foreign coal shippers cover more costs for the health and environmental damage that they cause here in BC.

But, we know campaigns promises are easily broken or forgot. 

That’s why we need to hold our elected officials to their word and make sure the health of British Columbians is protected.

Why must we hold our politicians accountable? 

  1. Coal combustion is the #1 contributor to the climate crisis globally. B.C. is facilitating this by exporting this toxic product.
  2. The health of British Columbians is at stake. Thermal coal trains cause asthma, increased cancer rates, and other respiratory and cardiac diseases. They are also linked to increased mortality rates, particularly of infants.
  3. The health care costs of coal are massive. By phasing out thermal coal exports, we can save millions of dollars in health care costs.
  4. Coal proposals in B.C. were not subject to thorough reviews. Washington and Oregon communities have stopped every coal export proposal because of the health, environmental and/or financial risks brought to light through comprehensive reviews.
  5. Foreign coal trains are tarnishing our local air quality. But it’s much worse where they burn the coal.
  6. It’s within the province’s jurisdiction to encourage good practices and discourage bad ones through financial means. Under the Climate Leadership Plan, B.C. can implement a regulatory fee or levy that would disincentivize bad practices and free up valuable port space for safer, more profitable projects and well-paying, long term B.C. jobs, while still meeting the requirements of NAFTA.
  7. The B.C. government has promised action on the climate crisis. The BC Greens and BC NDP have agreed to increase the existing carbon tax starting next year. The Liberals need an environmental win. This is a perfect time to expand our carbon pricing mechanisms to include risky products like thermal coal.

What can you do?

  1. Sign the petition to end dirty coal’s free ride through B.C.
  2. Join your local Dogwood team.
  3. Contact our coal campaigner, Arie Ross.
  4. Share our petition with your friends and colleagues.

The end of the line for dirty U.S. coal trains begins here!

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