I'm ready to take action!

Thank you for joining British Columbians in the fight to defend our health, safety and right to a stable environment! By working together, we can take back decision-making power from foreign corporations and the politicians who are trying to sell out our province to the highest bidder.

Here is everything you need to help start the resistance in your community.

Step 1: Print the petition.
Click the options below to download and print petitions:

Step 2: Collect signatures from your neighbours, friends, family, colleagues, club members… all your people!
Just remember: it’s about identifying folks we can call on to stand with us, not an exercise in persuasion. Our work is simply to find the people who are already concerned about our campaign issues and give them a concrete action to take.

Collecting clear and accurate information for our list is crucial. Please ensure everyone fills out all fields with clear printing. Without a postal code and e-mail address, we cannot follow up with people — what a waste of your time that would be!

Not sure what to say? Check out Dogwood News for blogs full of information on all of the campaigns Dogwood is working on.

Step 3: Ask keeners to sign up as a volunteer too. Did you have any particularly successful conversations? Did anyone thank you for the work you are doing?  These are prime candidates to ask to join you.  Ask them to fill out the form here and join you the next time you are passing around your clipboard.

Step 4: Enter the signatures.
To enter data using these forms, you must have a Nationbuilder account with Dogwood. Be sure to enter the data carefully and accurately! 

OR: Mail in your unentered signatures to the office address below. Be sure to clearly indicate the signatures have not been entered. Please aim to mail them as soon as you can after you collect your signatures. Then, and this is critical for data security and back-up, mark at the bottom of your paper petitions that you have digitally entered your signatures (or that you haven’t) and mail the paper petitions to us at Dogwood’s Victoria office:

PO Box 8701
Victoria, BC V8W 3S3

Step 5: Tell us how it went!
We greatly value your participation and your feedback. We can’t wait to hear about your experiences. Find us on social media: Dogwood is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you will connect with us!

Got questions? Running into problems?
Contact your team leader if you have one, or click here to find the nearest staff organizer who will be happy to support you.

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