Take action where you live

Organized people have the power to take control over the decisions that affect their communities

Dogwood’s successful 2016-17 campaign to Ban Big Money from B.C. politics is a great example of what happens when communities come together to take a stand.

When you ask a friend, a co-worker or neighbour about political corruption, coal exports in B.C. or oil tanker and pipeline expansion you become an agent for change.

Our job is to help you get that conversation started. The goal? A resilient team of people where you live ready to join the growing network of communities in British Columbia capable of regaining control over their air, land and water.

It starts with a conversation and a signature on a petition that resonates where you live. Tip: Start with a close friend or family member. You can download petitions here:

  1. B.C. Needs A Corruption Inquiry
  2. We Oppose Trudeau’s Pipeline Buyout 
  3. Stop the Expansion of Coal Exports from B.C. Ports

Remember, our work is to find the people already concerned about our issues and provide a path to take action. So don’t be shy. If your contact is interested, ask them to give you a hand. Not exactly sure what to say? Reading up on the latest from Dogwood News will give you a picture of what we are working on right now. Or, download some informational handouts on each of our campaigns.

The final step is to enter data. Collecting clear and accurate contact information will make that job easier. Bear in mind without a postal code and email address or cell phone number, we cannot follow up with people — which invalidates your hard work. Tip: the quickest way to build a small team is to ask someone to take on the responsibility for data entry. Boom! There’s already two of you! Building a team is not as hard as people think!

Enter data by clicking on the link below that corresponds with your petition. To protect privacy and security, data entry people create an account with Dogwood the first time they log in. Be sure to enter the data carefully and accurately!

  1. B.C. Needs A Corruption Inquiry
  2. All Kinder Morgan Bailout and Buyout Petitions
  3. Stop the Expansion of Coal Exports from B.C. Ports

Starting conversations, asking friends and neighbours to join us, and entering accurate contact information helps us channel people to points of power. Dogwood believes these are the first three steps needed to make change where you live.

Thank you for joining us. Dogwood is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Connect with us! Got questions? Running into problems? Click here to find the nearest staff organizer or call or email the office:

  • (250) 370-9930
  • info@dogwoodbc.ca

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