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#Vote16BC button design contest!

Welcome to #Vote16BC’s battle of the buttons!

Are you inspired by youth demanding change? Show us what it means to you! Submit your artwork to our button badge contest.

Some things to consider for your design:

  • The buttons will be round with a 25 mm diameter. Make sure your design fits that size and shape!
  • Keep them on theme. Lowering the voting age, #Vote16BC, democracy, British Columbia, youth activism are all great places to start from.
  • Personal promotions unrelated to Vote16BC won’t be accepted – don’t put your own social media handles on your button for self promotion.
  • Button designs should be original. Dogwood and Vote16BC are not responsible for copyright infringements.
  • By submitting your design, you consent to Dogwood and Vote16BC using it for Vote16BC publications, including aside from the button design competition.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want! We will accept them as a single attachment or as multiple submissions.
  • There’s no age restrictions on this competition. No matter who you are, you are welcome to submit a design.

Winning entries will be printed and mailed out to supporters around B.C. and featured on Vote16BC’s social media accounts.

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