This is our chance to take back the system.

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Our chance to take back the system

We can never seem to get ahead. We can’t afford a home. We can’t find a good job. Our friends are dying of overdoses.

Look at the people who benefit from the way things are: lobbyists, CEOs, real estate developers, drug companies, lifelong politicians… all getting richer, while the rest of us continue to suffer.

Why? Because they make the rules. And they’ve rigged the system in their favour.

One simple solution: This October, just fucking vote.

It’s time for regular people to get what we deserve. We deserve an affordable place to live. We deserve better job opportunities. And we deserve a real say in the decisions that are being made for us.

This October, we are going to smash the system. And rebuild it into one that actually works for us.

Proportional Representation will give a bigger voice to everyone in B.C. It will take power out of the hands of the political old guard, and give it to everyday people.

It all starts with your vote.

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