YES! I call on B.C. political parties to include lowering the voting age to 16 in their platforms.

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Lower the voting age in B.C.

Threatened by climate change. Forced back into crowded classrooms during a pandemic. Laid off with almost no job prospects. Faced with an uncertain future.

16 and 17 year olds are impacted every day by government decisions. And just like other citizens, they deserve a say in what lies ahead.

John Horgan called an election because he says “the challenges we face are not for the next 12 months but indeed for the next four years and beyond.” But young people – whose lives will be shaped for decades by what happens next – are excluded from our democracy.

The future the next B.C. government will build needs to be for young people – their present and their future. And it only makes sense they get to help shape it. These challenging times call for true forward-looking leadership – and that must include lowering the voting age.

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