Trudeau: Don’t expropriate reserve lands

Our smooth-talking Prime Minister broke his promises and caved to the oil lobby when he approved Kinder Morgan’s Texas tanker expansion last November.

But to actually get this pipeline built, Justin Trudeau will have to sign orders to seize First Nations reserve lands along the pipeline route.

The Trans Mountain right-of-way cuts a 60-metre wide strip all across B.C., through reserve communities and suburban neighbourhoods. For construction to go forward, Kinder Morgan would literally have to bulldoze homes and kick people off their land.

With Kinder Morgan eager to start building in September, Trudeau and his cabinet face a crucial decision this month. Will they exercise federal expropriation powers no Prime Minister has dared use in decades?

This is our last chance to convince Trudeau to do the right thing. Send a message to the Prime Minister and your Member of Parliament now.

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