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Tell Vancouver councillors to defend Canada’s best climate plan!

On Tuesday, June 8, a task force led by city manager Paul Mochrie is bringing an unexpected agenda item to Vancouver’s city council — he and his development permit staff will be asking city councillors to roll back a core component of Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Plan in order to expedite building permits.

Last year the city delivered a groundbreaking Climate Emergency Plan that included legislation banning the installation of gas heating systems in new buildings. Vancouver will be the first government in Canada to do this.

However, now the plan to phase out gas is at risk. Staff in the city’s development department want to make life easier for real estate investors. Additionally, they appear to be appeasing the gas industry who is against a ban on their product and wants to continue to profit under the status quo.

Your council chose the best available policy tools that Vancouver planners developed and embedded them in bylaws to lower carbon pollution from buildings across the city. Don’t let the new manager put the entire climate emergency plan at risk with an unnecessary 12 month delay on banning gas in new buildings.

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