Yes, I call on the B.C. government to cancel taxpayer handouts to oil and gas companies

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Stop taxpayer-funded climate change

B.C. gives a billion dollars a year to fracking and pipeline companies – twice as much as we spend fighting climate change, and five times as much as we get back in royalties.

As everyday people struggle to make ends meet, our tax dollars are paying rich companies to destroy our future and we’re getting ripped off in the process.

Instead of tying B.C.’s economy to such a risky industry, politicians should stop the handouts and invest instead in the things people need to make their lives better, like affordable housing and clean energy.

If we cut off the flow of our tax dollars, we stop the poisoned water and polluted air, the conflicts on unceded Indigenous land and the legacy of wildfires and floods we’re leaving to our kids.

Sign the petition to stop taxpayer-funded climate change now!

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