YES, I’m ready to do more to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline. Please let me know about opportunities to stand up against this project along the pipeline and oil tanker route.

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Take the next step to stop Trans Mountain

Trans Mountain plans to cut down trees in a conservation area near the Brunette River in Burnaby. But if those trees are still standing by mid-September, pipeline construction could be delayed another year.

Stand with us to defend the Brunette and other key ecosystems along the Trans Mountain Expansion Project’s proposed route.

The trees, streams, plants and animals of the beautiful Brunette River Conservation Area will be threatened if TMX moves forward – along with countless other ecosystems across B.C., the entire Salish Sea and the global climate. Some, like Dr. Tim Takaro, are choosing to put their bodies on the line to stop the drills and the chainsaws. Please join us in supporting land defenders and taking a stand against the Trans Mountain Expansion project.

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