Tell your MLA you want Bill 17 amended to ensure a future for Indigenous and community-owned renewable energy projects in B.C.


Stop the California sellout!

B.C. plans to buy power from private utilities in the U.S. – while blocking First Nations, residents and communities from generating renewable energy at home.

Bill 17 is the government’s latest attack on local clean power. If passed it will shut the door on solar, wind and geothermal projects that could put people to work, build community resiliency and help tackle the climate crisis.

Why? BC Hydro is hoping its energy trading schemes will cover the bad bets it made on Site C and long term, lucrative contracts given to select Independent Power Producers.

Enough is enough.

BC Hydro is our public utility, not the government’s piggy bank. Bill 17 was brought forward with no consultation with the people it will impact most. Don’t let the dream of community controlled energy die. Stand with Indigenous communities. Send Bill 17 back to the drawing board.

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