Tell Cabinet to pause spending on Trans Mountain. We need every dollar for health care, workers and families.

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To Prime Minister Trudeau and members of Cabinet:
The COVID-19 pandemic requires massive public spending to save lives and safeguard the basic needs of Canadians during this economic crisis.
Meanwhile, as oil prices collapse, the price tag for the Trans Mountain pipeline has reached $16 billion, and a new federal loan is needed to fund construction.
I urge you to redirect federal spending on Trans Mountain to the COVID-19 crisis, and reconsider Trans Mountain’s commercial viability in light of the drastic shift in economic conditions.
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Save lives, not pipelines

We need everything we’ve got to make it through this unprecedented crisis.

We’re all doing what we can to protect our most vulnerable neighbours. But the extraordinary medical response needed is going to cost serious money — and so will safeguarding Canadians’ basic needs as our economy reels from mass closures.

The federal government is rolling out $27 billion for pandemic response. At the same time, it’s planning to approve a new loan for the $16 billion Trans Mountain pipeline to fund construction.

Oil prices have crashed, making this the worst moment in history to spend precious public resources on a heavy-oil pipeline.

By hitting pause on Trans Mountain, we can save billions of dollars to help Canadians survive COVID-19 — and to invest in rebuilding a clean economy after the crisis is over.

Send a message to Cabinet now. Tell them to choose public health and green jobs instead of propping up a dying industry.

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