Yes, I call on the B.C. government to ensure that all new buildings come equipped with electric heat pumps and stovetops.

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We deserve safer homes. Demand it!

We call upon the BC government to equip all new buildings with electric heat pumps and stovetops.

Fracked gas is poisoning our children’s lungs in our own homes. Gas companies like FortisBC like to call their gas ‘natural’ to give you the idea it’s safe – but it’s not. It’s fracked methane, and it’s toxic. 

When we use methane-powered appliances in our homes, we’re breathing in benzene and nitrogen dioxide. 1 in 8 cases of childhood asthma are caused by gas stoves. They leak fumes even when they’re turned off. 

Fracked gas in homes has also been connected to increases in heart conditions, and communities near fracked gas operations have higher rates of cancer, miscarriages and birth defects. 

We deserve safe homes and climate-resilient communities. There are better ways to power dwellings that don’t make us sick. Keep fracked gas out of new homes and buildings! 

Change the building code to ensure all new buildings come equipped with clean electricity.