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I’m writing as a member of the public concerned about the impacts of fracking and LNG on the local environment, the climate and Indigenous rights. I’m tired of seeing my government give handouts to rich oil and gas companies instead of helping the people of B.C.  
A modern royalty system for B.C. should:
  • End the handouts: Eliminate the deep well royalty credit and other subsidies embedded in the royalty system.

  • Be a tool for climate action: Raise royalty rates to reflect the environmental and social impacts of this industry. The new rates must tackle climate change by winding down gas production.

  • Stop giving away our water: The fracking industry pollutes billions of litres a year and pays almost nothing for it. Royalty rates should also account for the water they pollute.

  • Respect Indigenous rights. Any new royalty system must be developed in full partnership with Indigenous peoples whose territories are impacted by the extraction, transport and export of gas.

In response to the questions in the discussion paper, I support a flat rate on gas production (option 1) and a rapid transition to the new royalty system. Reducing emissions, and diverting more taxpayer dollars from oil and gas to clean energy and job retraining instead, will ultimately best serve B.C.’s economic development goals as well.

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Stop funding fracking: have your say

Every day, millions of our tax dollars are used by fracking and pipeline companies to poison fresh water, erode Indigenous rights and make the climate crisis worse.

Taxpayer handouts to expand the oil and gas industry are now five times higher than what companies pay back in royalties.

It’s outrageous — and we finally have a chance to stop it. The provincial government is taking public comments as part of its review of B.C.’s wildly unfair gas royalty system.

If enough of us speak out, we can cut off the biggest oil and gas handouts in the province, drive down greenhouse gas emissions and save money to help the people of B.C. who need it most.

We’ve set up a tool to make it easy for you to have your say. Use our suggested talking points or add your own, hit submit, and your comments will go directly to the royalty review consultation.

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