B.C. voters need to know decisions are made in the interest of the public -- not rule-breaking corporate lobbyists.

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Premier Christy Clark: Return Kinder Morgan’s lobby money

Christy Clark's BC Liberals approved Kinder Morgan's tanker project -- after accepting more than $771,168 in donations from the pipeline's oil industry backers.

British Columbians call on the governing party to return all donations from Kinder Morgan and their affiliates, and put this project to a rigorous environmental and public health assessment. Read the full open letter:

Dear Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party,

On January 11, your government issued Kinder Morgan an Environmental Certificate approving construction of the company’s new Trans Mountain pipeline -- after the governing party had accepted at least $771,168 from project backers.

Your government concluded there would be no significant environmental costs associated with this pipeline, despite the evidence that hundreds of independent scientists have provided on the risks to drinking water, endangered orca whales, fisheries, tourism and human health.

These donations call into doubt the ability of the Government of B.C. to regulate this project in the best interest of British Columbians. That’s why a court case was launched challenging your government’s approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline: even the perception of conflict of interest taints the decision.

We are calling on you and the BC Liberal Party to clear the air, by returning the money donated by Kinder Morgan and their associates, including any illegal donations from lobbyists.

Once this money has been removed from the equation, we further ask that the B.C. government complete a new environmental assessment of this pipeline proposal that the public can trust.

We continue our call for your government to adopt sweeping electoral finance reform; banning corporate and union money; out-of-province donations; limiting individual contributions; and ending secret cash-for-access events.

It is only by returning Kinder Morgan’s money and enacting real reform that you can ensure British Columbians’ confidence in the ability of your government to make impartial, unbiased decisions in the public interest.

Please do the right thing. Return Kinder Morgan’s money and restart the process to determine whether this pipeline and oil tanker expansion is in the best interests of British Columbia.

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