YES, I call on Premier John Horgan to invest in COVID-19 recovery projects that advance B.C.’s climate goals and make our communities more resilient.

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Rebuild a strong and resilient B.C.

This is our chance to prepare for what comes next.

From spring floods to summer fires and drought, the climate crisis is about to collide with a viral pandemic and a global recession. We need to invest in projects that address all three.

Indigenous communities have clean energy proposals that could be shovel-ready in weeks. Credit for homeowners to start green retrofits would inject life into local economies across the province. And B.C.’s forests need immediate care to get them back to storing carbon – right now they are our largest source of emissions.

These projects could put tens of thousands of people back to work in healthy, well-paid, outdoor jobs. But already the big corporate lobbyists are in Premier Horgan’s ear, pushing hard for a return to business as usual.

Tell the B.C. government to stop throwing taxpayer money at foreign investors and fossil fuel companies. We need every public dollar available to invest in the people of B.C. and a healthy, resilient future for our province.

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