Ask Metro Vancouver board members to stand against the air quality permit for Fraser Surrey Docks:


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Metro Mayors, put the brakes on U.S. thermal coal!

Uh oh. Regional bureaucrats just approved a liquid waste permit for a huge coal terminal at Fraser Surrey Docks. That means this climate-wrecking project is one step closer to construction. But with your help, the next fight is one we can win.

Before they can ship more dirty coal to Asia, Fraser Surrey Docks will need an air quality permit from Metro Vancouver. Luckily the Metro board is made up of elected politicians, which means they’re accountable to you. Send them your message today.

Metro Vancouver must consider key aspects of its mandate before issuing the next permit:

  • Protect human health and safety
  • Protect the environment

If you think trainloads of dusty, flammable foreign coal are inconsistent with our goals as a region, let the board members know. Now more than ever, we need local leaders to stand up and defend our communities from risky and destructive projects like the coal terminal at Fraser Surrey Docks.

Your signature counts. And a personal note is even more powerful. Tell the Metro Vancouver board why you don’t support the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export project, and ask them what they plan to do to protect B.C. municipalities from dirty U.S. thermal coal.

Thank you for taking action to defend our communities and our climate.

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