The pipeline era is over, cancel Trans Mountain

President Biden just killed the Keystone XL pipeline. The new American approach to climate action will leave our economy in the dust if the Canadian government doesn’t follow suit.

It was too easy for Justin Trudeau’s tepid climate policy to look bold while Donald Trump was next door. But President Biden has made it clear: climate leaders don’t build pipelines.

Stopping Keystone in its tracks should be the strongest warning sign yet that Trans Mountain is a losing bet for Canadians. Corporate giants are walking away from the oil sands. Investors are taking huge losses. And the largest market for Trans Mountain’s product – the U.S.A. – has just made it clear they don’t want our dirty oil.

But industry is using Keystone’s cancellation to pile on the pressure to get Trans Mountain built.

The Liberal government needs to listen to the conclusions of its own energy regulator: if Canada follows through on its climate plan, neither pipeline will be needed – and TMX will lose billions for Canadian taxpayers.

Call Cabinet ministers now to tell them: Keystone is dead, and Trans Mountain should be next.


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