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Tell the B.C. government to defend our coast

Premier Horgan promised to respect Indigenous rights. He said he’d use “every tool in the toolbox” to defend the B.C. coast from the Trans Mountain oil tanker expansion.

Instead, he’s fighting the Squamish Nation in court to defend Christy Clark’s Big Money-bought pipeline approval. Huh?!

The Federal Court of Appeal quashed Trudeau’s Trans Mountain approval because the NEB review was “so flawed.” But former Premier Christy Clark’s B.C. approval relied on that same flawed review — and is still standing.

The Squamish Nation is challenging that certificate in the B.C. Court of Appeal. And Premier Horgan’s government has chosen to fight the Squamish Nation, arguing the court should uphold the previous B.C. government’s pipeline approval.

British Columbians need to hold our government accountable. Send a message to the Premier and your local MLA.

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