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Don’t let Big Oil torpedo the North Coast tanker ban

Ottawa has finally tabled a legislated oil tanker ban for B.C.’s North Coast. This bill could prevent a project like Enbridge’s Northern Gateway from ever threatening our communities again — but only if it gets across the finish line intact.

Trudeau’s government is under pressure from CAPP and the oil lobby to weaken this crucial legislation. That’s why they need to hear from us loud and clear: don’t weaken the tanker ban. Canadians demand that you finally keep your promise.

We still have further to go, to protect the South Coast from Kinder Morgan and to make sure another accident like the Nathan E. Stewart doesn’t happen again. But British Columbians and First Nations need to lock in this victory. Add your voice.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out what Coastal First Nations and West Coast Environmental Law have to say about the proposed legislation.

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