It’s time for Bill Morneau to go.

Send him a message right now telling him to resign, before he does any more damage:


To the Honourable William Francis Morneau, Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre,
You have disgraced your office and misused public funds. Your $4.5 billion handout to Kinder Morgan, a Houston pipeline company, is the last straw for me.
As a Canadian taxpayer and citizen, I have lost confidence in your stewardship of the country’s finances. I urge you to resign before voters make that decision for you.
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Time for Bill Morneau to go

Kinder Morgan won the lottery. These former Enron executives got to cash a $4.5 billion cheque – courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer.

Who negotiated this terrible deal? Bill Morneau.

Canada’s finance minister has already been accused of self-dealing, conflict of interest and misleading Canadians. Now we know he’s also incompetent – and a bad poker player.

This Houston pipeline company bluffed Morneau out of $4.5 billion of our money. Now Canadians are left holding a leaky, 65-year old pipeline – and an uncosted expansion project with no investors, no market and no future.

We could have spent that money on housing, transit or clean energy. We could have fixed the drinking water in every community across Canada and still had money left over.

Instead Bill Morneau gave it to Kinder Morgan. He has misused public funds. Betrayed the public interest. And proven himself a coward in the face of climate change, the greatest crisis of our time.

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