YES, I demand the B.C. government implement a polluter-pay system for mining companies.


To: Bruce Ralston

Cc: George Heyman, Bernadette Jordan, John Horgan


Subject: Make mining companies pay


Dear Minister Ralston,


The transition to renewable energy will require minerals British Columbia has in abundance. But green energy cannot come at the cost of clean water and the communities that depend on it. I urge you to apply polluter-pay regulations to mining companies operating in B.C.  


If a person requires insurance to drive a car, mining companies should be held to the same standard when it comes to operating a mine. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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Make Them Pay

The Mount Polley tailings dam failure unleashed billions of litres of contaminated sludge — destroying a salmon stream, dumping mine waste into Quesnel Lake and sending a plume of toxic chemicals down the Fraser River. To this day, the company responsible has faced no charges, fines or penalties. Instead, taxpayers spent $40 million to clean up the company’s mess.

British Columbia needs to adopt a polluter pay system. Across B.C., mines continue to pollute watersheds long after companies have walked away. We can’t keep taxpayers on the hook for disasters and deserted mines.

The combination of outdated Gold Rush-era mining laws and political figures cozying up to industry have made it easy for mining companies to get away with disasters like the Mount Polley mine and the defunct Tulsequah Chief Mine.

But the recent appointment of MLA Bruce Ralston to the Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources presents an opportunity to chart a new path forward to hold mining companies accountable.

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