Tell BC Hydro CEO Chris O’Riley and Energy Minister Bruce Ralston:

Stop putting up roadblocks to community energy, and empower British Columbians to make the switch to renewables!

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Local Power: free our communities from fossil fuels!

The climate crisis is upon us — but governments are asleep at the switch. It’s up to us to accelerate the shift to clean local power.

Picture school rooftops covered in solar panels. Clean electric heat pumps replacing furnaces in buildings and homes. Imagine Indigenous-owned solar and wind farms adding new power to electrify trucks, boats and planes.

If affordable, clean local power replaces the vehicle fuel and fracked gas we currently use for heat and transportation, we can save money and support well-paying jobs across B.C. We could invest in Indigenous communities instead of international oil companies.

This is no pipe dream: community-driven energy projects are ready to go. But BC Hydro – a powerful monopoly – is refusing to buy electricity from Indigenous communities, and telling local citizens they’re producing too much solar power.

It’s time for the people of B.C. to take back decision-making power over our energy future.