Tell Minister Joyce Murray to say “no” to oil tanker expansion paid for with your tax dollars!

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Joyce Murray: No more oil tankers on the B.C. coast!

Last summer, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government gave $4.4 billion to Kinder Morgan executives in Houston. They still won’t tell Canadians how much more taxpayer money they plan to waste on the Trans Mountain expansion.

Now, President of the Treasury Board and Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray has a choice: Will she spend billions of public dollars on an oil tanker project she previously opposed? Or will she find the courage to stand up for B.C.?

For years, Joyce Murray spoke out against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion. But since the federal government decided to build this dangerous oil tanker project with public money, she’s been quietly standing behind the decision.

Now Minister Murray sits at the cabinet table. It’s more important than ever for her to hear from Vancouver Quadra voters on this issue.

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