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John Horgan, stop Kinder Morgan!

Our new B.C. government vowed to use “every tool available” to stop Kinder Morgan.

Premier Horgan promised. Now, we’ll hold him to it.

Kinder Morgan’s Texas executives are telling investors construction is coming — this winter. They’re even bragging about all the new permits the B.C. government is giving them.

Premier Horgan can do more to stop Kinder Morgan. But he needs to hear from you. Here are some potential talking points:

  • Introduce yourself as a British Columbian voter against Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and oil tanker expansion on our coast.
  • Explain why you’re committed to stopping this dangerous project — whether it’s out of concern for Indigenous rights, health and safety, climate change, our beautiful coast or sustainable B.C. jobs.
  • Remind Premier Horgan that we expect him to keep his promise. With Kinder Morgan aiming to begin construction this fall, we must see his government take further action.

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