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You got this, John

B.C. Premier John Horgan is facing down an army.

The Alberta NDP, Jason Kenney, the Alt-Right, big news outlets, Justin Trudeau and the oil lobby are all screaming at Horgan for blocking Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker project.

Now’s the time to tell Premier Horgan and senior B.C. cabinet ministers you support their principled stand.

Send them a short, encouraging letter today. Here are some potential talking points:

  • Introduce yourself and what part of B.C. you’re from.
  • Explain¬†why you’re committed to stopping this dangerous project — whether it’s out of concern for human rights, health and safety, climate change, our beautiful coast or sustainable B.C. jobs.
  • Remind Horgan that he owes his job to everyday British Columbians like you — not Alberta oil companies, Bay Street banks or national media columnists!

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