Tell Hedy Fry to take a stand against the Kinder Morgan buyout.

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Hedy Fry: Stand up for B.C.!

Justin Trudeau wants to hand $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars to wealthy Texas oil executives.

Canadians will be left holding a leaky, 65-year-old pipeline. And the federal government is ready to spend billions more on an uncosted oil tanker expansion with no market and no future.

It’s unacceptable. It’s a betrayal of the promises that got this government elected. We need to bring them to their senses.

Hedy Fry has spoken out before against Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker project. But since the federal government decided to build this same dangerous with tax dollars, she’s been standing quietly behind the decision.

Vancouver Centre voters oppose the Kinder Morgan buyout. Our MP needs to join us and fight this terrible deal.

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