Yes! I will tell my MLA to put the brakes on U.S. coal trains by ending the free ride for dirty U.S. coal through B.C.

End the Free Ride for U.S. dirty coal

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End the free ride for dirty U.S. coal

U.S. ports reject coal exports because of their poor financial future and health impacts. Now this dirty U.S. coal is bound for B.C. ports, putting our health and economy at risk — and it’s getting a free ride.

Steelmaking coal from B.C. mines pays its way because of the province’s carbon tax, covering the pollution from mining, processing and transporting the coal. But U.S. thermal coal is not subject to such a fee. It pollutes our towns with toxic coal dust and trashes our climate, leaving taxpayers like you and me stuck with the tab.

The province has the power to put the brakes on this injustice by imposing a levy under the Climate Leadership Plan that would ensure foreign exporters pay their fair share to export through our province. Will the government of B.C. take action to protect us from polluting coal trains that add millions of dollars in health and social costs to our communities?

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