The Minister of Environment doesn’t think buying a pipeline counts as a fossil fuel subsidy.

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To the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change,
Your government promised to end fossil fuel subsidies. Instead, you gave $4.4 billion to Kinder Morgan. Buying the Trans Mountain pipeline with our money was absolutely a subsidy -- and spending $10 billion on the expansion would be too.
Everyday Canadians are struggling to get by. The climate crisis is putting more and more people’s homes and livelihoods at risk. Meanwhile, your government is wasting our precious public resources making the problem worse. 
It is neither “efficient” nor is it right to continue to give public money to rich oil companies. It’s time to be honest about just how much of our money is wasted on propping up the fossil fuel industry -- and then it’s time to cut them off altogether. 
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No more public money for oil and gas companies!

Everyday Canadians are struggling to get by. From floods to fires, climate change is putting people’s homes and livelihoods at risk.

We need to stop giving our tax dollars to fossil fuel billionaires. It’s time to invest instead in good jobs and a safe future for our kids.

Justin Trudeau promised to end fossil fuel subsidies. But then he gave Kinder Morgan $4.4 billion of our money.

Now, the Canadian government is doing a review of public subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. They’re accepting comments about what to count. But Minister McKenna says buying a pipeline with our tax dollars isn’t a fossil fuel subsidy. What?!

We need to set the record straight. Are you sick of hollow excuses from unaccountable politicians? Make your voice heard.

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